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5 Hacks for Making Your Thanksgiving A Success

5 Hacks for Making Your Thanksgiving A Success
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Wow ya’ll! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you know what that means, it’s time to prepare our bellies for heap loads of good food. But, before all that, it’s important to prepare your home or your venue for your fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. The distant relatives, your parents, your aunt and uncles, and even your Bae are coming into town, so it’s time to throw down and get ready to impress.

Here at Styckie, we are huge fans of “hacks”, so we are going to break down the 5 ultimate hacks to make your Thanksgiving a success. Let’s make your cousin Betty jealous 😉

Hack #1

Have An Entertaining Thanksgiving Kid’s Table

It is important to keep the kids entertained, so they don’t bother you while you’re having your glass of wine and telling all the relatives how well you’re doing. Kids love games, arts and crafts, and of course, yummy food. We love the idea of “thanksgiving bingo” for your kids. Use Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or M&M’s as the bingo pieces, then you can find a bingo printable board here or at any other arts and crafts store near you.

Another smart idea for the little ones under 8 years old is to use a long sheet of construction paper as a table cover that they can color and draw on. Lay the table out with crayons (they won’t stain) in pouches that the kids can use after they’ve finished their meals. You can find 8 – 10 foot paper at Micheal’s or your local art store. It will be a win, win for you. Easy clean up, and the kids stay occupied for the rest of the night (or at least a good two hours).

Hack #2

Serve Food Buffet Style

This is one of my favorites. Thanksgiving is all about sharing, and not feeling guilty about going for seconds. Serving dinner buffet-style will enable your guest to be able to help themselves and not have to ask you for anything. In addition to that, your guests can take food home easily this way too, if you don’t want to be left with a whole bunch of leftovers you’re not going to eat. One thing I like to buy at my local Costco is a pack of medium-sized styrofoam takeaway containers. Put these out towards the end of the night to encourage guests to pack up and ship out!

Hack #3

Have Your Guest Bring The Booze

Another hack to a successful Thanksgiving is not forcing your significant other to go buy all the booze for your 20+ guests. That can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know what kinds of drinks people will have a preference for. Our tip is to buy just 3-5 bottles of champagne, then have your guests each bring a bottle of anything themselves (BYOB style). That way everyone will drink what they like, and the thought of not having enough booze is out of the question.

Hack #4

Decor, Decor, Decor

Scenery is everything. Environment is everything. Therefore, it’s imperative that your home or venue has some nice decorations for your dinner party. You can have fun with this one and make your decor very festive, full of warm red, yellow, and orange tones. Many of our decor inspiration comes from Pinterest. You can check out our holiday decor ideas for yourself and curate a Thanksgiving theme.

Hack #5

Hire A Catering Service

You can also hire a catering company in order to not stress about finding time to cook for your big party. Caterers set up, cook, provide food, and take down. Which will only leave you with the responsibility of entertaining, and making sure Uncle Joe doesn’t have too much to drink. For many of us (myself included) it can be hard to find reliable caterers that you can depend on. We just don’t know where to start, and we also want to stay under a certain budget. You can find caterers with great reviews on Styckie. The app matches you with caterers in your area that are in your price range, and would be the perfect addition to making your Thanksgiving dinner a #success.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed our hacks! Leave a comment below with any tips you have that work for you. Now go have a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner!

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