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6 Chair Rentals for Your BIG Day!!

6 Chair Rentals for Your BIG Day!!
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When being seated for a wedding, how often do you think the guests notice the chairs? With so many new styles and accent decor, they are becoming more a part of the overall theme. Sure the venue banquet chairs and spandex coverings are still popular, but if you want to add that extra flair to your wedding, be sure to rent these styles. Our Pinterest page has many more ideas for you to be inspired by!


Chiavari Chairs

The most popular amongst all the chairs are the Chiavaris, also known as ballroom chairs. These come in multi finishes like silver, gold, mahogany, even acrylic. The cushion choices are endless to match any color theme. You can take your design idea to the next level by adding sashes, florals even signs.

Photo by Lin & Jirsa


Ghost Chairs

Watching people get seated in a ghost chair is very entertaining. They are unsure if their weight can handle the delicate looking chair and they hold on to the chair while walking over so they don’t ‘miss’ this clear beauty when sitting. This lucite design is very modern and chic which fits those themes well. Consider using graphics on the chair or cushions for an added touch.


Photo by Brides.Com


Folding Chairs

Almost every garden or outdoor wedding has these classic white folding chairs. They create the perfect casual look, but with the right accents, the attention can be diverted for a more elegant look.


Photo by: Elizabeth Anne Designs


Bentwood Chairs

These very simple chairs can fit any rustic theme and are mostly used indoors. Following the look of classic restaurants that still use these chairs, your wedding will feel very ‘homey’ with this classic look.


Photo by: Style Me Pretty


‘X’ Farm Back Chair

Also known as the ‘Pilgrim’ chair, this classic piece takes you back in time. With a versatile look for indoor and outdoor events, this staple chair can create the perfect rustic look with minimal effort.


Photo by: CJ’s Off The Square


Chameleon Chair

One of my personal favorites is the Chameleon Chair. Is it THE most stylish chair that makes a statement in every room, regardless of the design. I didn’t say they were the lightest or the most comfortable, but all of that goes out the window when you see how it looks in your wedding!


Photo By: Inside Weddings


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  • Thanks for sharing an informative blog. Each chair has its unique features and I loved these collections very much. Can you please provide an estimated price for Chameleon chair rentals for an event?

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