4 Things You Need For Your Child’s Birthday Party!

Invites? Check.

Birthday Cake? Check.

Entertainment? Yikes, that’s a tough one!

With so many ways to have kids interact, the biggest challenge is keeping them focused.  Let’s be serious, what’s the attention span of a child after a sugar high? Ummmmm….. Sorry, what was were talking about?

Here are 4 ways to keep all those kids (and maybe some adults) engaged!


Pony Rides

If you are hosting a royal party for your Prince or Princess, Pony Rides are the perfect fit for your theme. The Peppermint Pony is passionate about quality themed entertainment!

Photo courtesy of The Peppermint Pony


Abracadabra! For the kids that want to channel their inner Harry Potter, The Amazing Kevin delights kids with magic, laughter and audience participation!

Balloon Twister

James Creel and His Balloonery can create your favorite cartoon character (for the kids) and even an elegant bracelet (for the moms!) Peek at his gallery to see what amazing things he can create with balloons!


Face Painting

Nothing brings out the big grins like Big Grins Face Painting and Body Art. Airbrush and glitter will complete any cute critter look you want!



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