Destination Experiences and a Wedding



Photo by My Wedding in Los Cabos.

This summer’s hottest new trend is embracing the culture! Have you decided on having a destination wedding? You and your guests can submerge into the language, music, food, and culture. Where you’re going down south or across the pond, these destinations won’t disappoint.

Talloires, France

This beautiful photograph taken by the amazing Lisa Renault.

Enjoy the beautiful views of the countryside in Talloires, France while saying “I do.” Talloires is situated in Eastern France on Lake Annecy in a quiet little town with mountainous landscapes – the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Dive right into the history and culture with the medieval architecture and the charming character. Not French? That’s ok. Have your ceremony spoken in French. French is a romantic language; perfect for a wedding. Serve French food at your reception while you sip on sophisticated French wine. Whether you walk down the aisle to a live musician playing classical French music or dance all night to pop French artists, your guests are sure to enjoy the submersion into a new culture. Regardless if you go in the summer or winter, Talloires will not disappoint.

San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

Ana & Jermone Photography are extremely talent and took this gorgeous photo.


This is the perfect place for a wedding destination with its fresh water beach views in southern Baja. With the beautiful foliage of your jaw dropping background, this tropical setting will be perfect for you and your guests. You can embrace this wonderful culture by diving right into their upscale classics like tacos and guac. Enjoy the freshest Pacific seafood and Mexico’s extensive wine list. Adding a live band to your ceremony or have them play during your reception; will surely get you in the dancing mood. Learn some Spanish while you’re there and touring the historical colonial buildings. San Jose del Cabo is home to a nature reserve with many bird species; so much to do, so little time.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, checkout Styckie.  We’ll do the work of finding you the right photographer for your dream wedding.

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The Top 5 BEST Foods For Any Event (We Tried It!)


We all go crazy for Chipotle burritos, and it’s obvious why, because it is so incredibly good! Mexican food done right is a great option for your next event or party. You have the option of quesadillas, burritos, rice bowls, and not to mention the guacamole!


Peruvian food is perhaps one of the most flavorful types of food. Decorated with tangy and savory seasonings on grilled chicken, paired with rice, you andyour guest will keep going back for seconds and thirds.


Ethiopian food is a very unique type of food. You can order different types of curry and choose your spiciness level. Pair it with Roti, a sour-dough tortilla-like bread, and you’ve got yourself a tasty meal. The great part is that Ethiopian food is eaten with your hands!


Southern food is oh so delicious! They call it the “comfort food”, for reasons we now know why, because you fall into a serious food coma after engorging on it. From the mac ‘n cheese, to the fried chicken and collared greens, you will feel the comfort take over with each tasty bite.


Pizza, pasta, tortellini and more! Talk about tasty! Pizza is a very well known food here in the States. It is easy, and it sure is tasty. But, you can get an array of Italian foods to satisfy your guests at your next party.

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Celebrity Baby Showers to Get Inspiration From

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s baby shower was celebrated in a garden with her close family and friends. It was simple and summery.

Binky Felstead’s baby shower was outdoors and lavish! She had cute decor everywhere, perfect for photo opportunities.

Katherine Heigl threw a beautiful baby shower with her husband. They had the cutest cake, and spent the evening with family and friends.

Kim Kardashian knows how to throw an epic party. For her baby shower with her second child, she had a sleepover with her best friends, camp style. They roasted marshmallows, braided each other’s hair and just simply had bonding girl-time. Now that’s adorable!

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Birthday Party Ideas for Adults


Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a great way to celebrate your special day with friends over some great food.

Indoor Golf

Doing an activity like indoor golf is a great way to play some games and bond with friends at a birthday party.

Dance Party

Everyone loves to dance! Rent out a hall or a arrange your home so that you can create an atmosphere all about dancing and grooving to some good tunes. Throw in some snacks and wine into the mix and you’ve got your self a great party.

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Makeup Tips for Your Wedding

It is about to be wedding season which means you’ve got to get everything in order. Hair and makeup are super important to make sure you look polished for your big day. Here are some tips you can request your makeup artist does for your big day.


Contouring your face with highlighter and concealer is a great way to accentuate your features for your big day. It will highlight your cheekbones, and shape your nose to give you that model-esque look we all desire. Just be sure that your makeup artist uses the right colors for your skin tone.


Eyeshadow is a must! Unless you’re going for a more natural look, eyeshadow will help your eyes pop. You can play around with different tones that you like that compliment your wedding dress.


There are so many shades of lipstick these days. Reds, nudes, and so much more. Depending on your wedding theme, you can choose the type of lipstick that will suite the occasion.


So there you have it! Our little tips that will help you look flawless on your wedding day!

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3 Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Go Bowling:

Bowling is always a lot of fun, and it is definitely not just for kids. You get to play games while hanging with your friends. It creates a sense of community and allows for people to have conversations with each other, rather than trying to hear each other in a loud club. A great option is cosmic bowling, which starts around 10 pm. The bowling alley dims the lights, and adds strobe lighting, as well as opening up the bar so you can sip on something while sharpening up your bowling skills, and mingling with friends.

Go Dancing:

For those who love to dance and just have fun, this is a great birthday celebration idea. Put on your dancing shoes, grab your girls, and head out to your favorite ballroom dancing spot! Some places also have dance instructors, who come in to teach a class before they open the dance floor for the evening, so if you don’t know how to dance that well, you can get comfortable before you’re all on your own on the dance floor.

Go Glamping:

For those who haven’t heard of this, glamping is like camping, that is “glammed up”. Straight up, traditional camping in a tent is not for everyone. The bugs, no electricity, and a sleeping bag, does not sound all that appealing to some. So, glamping is a way for you to enjoy the wildlife, while bringing a piece of comfort with you too. Instead of tents, you’ll have a cabin, housed with beds, food, and get this, electricity! Now, glamping with a crew of your friends doesn’t sound so bad.


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The Most Iconic Valentine’s Day Gifts

A Box of Chocolate 

Chocolate is yummy, and is always a good choice for a gift. I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate? Surprise your gal with a heart shaped box of chocolates when she comes home from work.

Bouquet of Roses

Roses are the ultimate romantic gesture. They’re beautiful and smell amazing too. Send roses to her apartment or to her workplace to make all of her friends jealous, and of course to make her smile.

Champagne w/ Dinner

Pop a bottle of champagne over a home cooked meal or takeout dinner. It’s important to celebrate your love on this day, and enjoy the time that you two have together.

These gifts can’t get more iconic than that! If you need help planning your dinner, check out for caterers.

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Highlight Friday: Dog Tag Bakery

It’s another Highlight Friday! Today we’re highlighting Dog Tag Bakery. Their story about how they got started, and the type of philanthropic work they do, is quite the inspiration. Starting from the early hours of dawn, Dog Tag Bakery workers are mixing up batches, and heating up the oven to have fresh goods baked for the morning rush. Their dedicated staff is full of disabled veterans and caregivers – the company gives these individuals valuable work experience in order for them to have the knowledge to take on their own future business endeavors. The program is called the Dog Tag work-study program, which “combines education with the experience necessary for our vets to succeed post duty as civilians”.

Not only is their mission amazing, but their baked goods are the talk of the town too. From the cookies, to the sandwiches, to the coffee, you’ll be glad you stopped by.

You can book Dog Tag Bakery for your next event at and support a great cause!

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Wedding Wednesday: Up-do Hairstyles For Your Wedding

Finding the right hairstyles for your wedding can be a frustrating and overwhelming task. You want to find what looks the best, and what will make you look like absolute perfection on your wedding day. We get it. It’s your day, so it is pretty much absolutely necessary that you feel and look your best. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to ideas, we’ve rounded up some up-do’s that many brides look absolutely flawless in. Have a look for yourself!

Put a flower in it:

Flowers are pretty much a given at any wedding. So, it’s not too surprising that some brides like to put flowers in their hair on their wedding day. Pinning up your curled hair into a loose bun and adding a simple flower to one side with bangs, is a look that is so pretty and goddess-like.

Half-Way There:

This look is a half up, half down style that has been around for ages. It pretty much gives you the best of both worlds. It is a way to have your hair down, while also keeping it out of your face throughout your wedding ceremony/reception.

French Braid It Up:

There is something about a loose french braid in your hair that gives off an ethereal and elegant vibration. This look features curled pinned-up hair, and loose fringes, that somehow look effortless.

These are just a few core styles that you can create multiple looks and ideas from. You can find wedding hairstylists for your big day through You will get matched instantly with professional hairstylists that suit your needs!

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Highlight Friday: Priscilla Molina

Happy Highlight Friday! Today we have a special interview with our vendor Priscilla Molina, a makeup artist who found her calling over 3 years ago, and created Priscilla M Beauty. And her passion shows, with her sweet and bubbly personality, and her incredible work ethic. I chatted with her to ask her some questions about her success.

S: Priscilla, so great to have you on Highlight Friday!

S: First off, what inspired you to start doing makeup for a living?

P: I want to say it all started when I was a little girl, I remember watching my mom apply her makeup and I always paid attention to the smallest detail (and boy did that wing liner look perfect to me) lol. That sparked an interest in me that never faded. Soon I found myself applying my own makeup (That’s when I fell in LOVE) Not only did I feel beautiful, but it appealed to my creative side. It wasn’t till about 3 and half years ago while I was pregnant with my daughter that I thought to myself ‘I don’t want to miss out on seeing my daughter grow up even in the smallest ways, while slaving (working) for someone else during the week.’ I wanted to do something that I already loved that would enable me to stay at home with her during the week. So, I decided to turn my idea into a reality. I started working for other bridal companies to gain experience. It was my stepping stone and till today I am forever grateful for those who gave me an opportunity. Soon after I decide to venture out and build my own company and that’s exactly what I did. Now here I am 3 years later with 12 amazing girls on my team and still growing.

S: So inspiring, what was one of the best moments to date that made you know you were in the right profession?

P: Being able to see your bride come to tears because she feels gorgeous after she sees what you have done, is one of the best feelings ever. I find so much joy helping women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Those are the moments I live for!

S: Now, what is one beauty product you think every woman should have in her purse?

P: Lip and cheek stain. We all know that the first things to fade are blush and lipstick, so carry one product that can refresh both. I recommend Revlon Colorbust Balm Stain its extremely affordable and pigmented.

S: If you weren’t a makeup artist, what would you be?

P: I don’t know exactly what I would be, but I can tell you it would be something on the creative side. So maybe something along the lines of designing weddings, homes etc. I can’t see myself not being able to express my creative side somehow.  Even though I am fascinated by organizing things, so closet organizer would be awesome! Lol

S: Closet organizer would definitely be a fun job!

S: What advice would you give someone who wants to start his/her own business?

P: Well first, starting your own business isn’t for the faint hearted. You will make mistakes. You’re only human, but you must learn from them and make it better. Be humble, you will never know everything there is to know. You have to be willing to grow and continue learning new things. You want people to know you as a professional and kind person. I truly believe you ought to treat people like you want to be treated. Trust me it goes a long way once your business starts gaining a reputation. It is hard work, but stay consistent, and positive. You can do anything you put your heart into. Now go and make your dreams come true!

You can book Priscilla and her team through!

All photos provided by Priscilla Molina.

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