The Best Wedding Cakes For Any Wedding

It’s Wedding Wednesday! Today we’re talking all about cakes, cakes, and more cakes. When it comes to your wedding, the dress, the decor and the venue are important, but the cake is just as equally as important. Having a delicious and beautiful wedding cake is a must, so we’ve comprised a list of our faves, take a look!

Red Velvet Cake


Modern Chocolate Cake

Vanilla Minimalism Cake

Twist Cake

Floral Dream Cake

Classic Cake

Which cake is your favorite? Comment Below!

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Top 5 Locations for A Winter Honeymoon in 2018

Love. Something that we all want and look for as we go through this thing called life. And when we’re lucky enough to find love, and that person to spend the rest of our lives with, we need to cherish those moments. Weddings are a way to share your love between you and your future life partner, with those that are close to you but, honeymoons are saved for just the two of you. No distractions, no interruptions. So it is important to find a honeymoon location that you can forget all the extra, and just be present and in the moment with each other. Now that the winter months are upon us, finding a winter honeymoon spot can be difficult but we’ve got you covered. Here is our top 5 locations for honeymoons in January 2018.

Phuket, Thailand

January is said to be one of the best times to visit Phuket. The weather around this time of year is nothing short of perfect. You can spend your time exploring and feasting your eyes on the astounding mountainous views and caves.

Aspen, Colorado

For those who are fans of cold weather, a trip to the mountains would a great romantic getaway. The area offers skiing, snowboarding, and posh cabin lodging you can snuggle up in.


Belize is the perfect winter escape, with amazingly beautiful beaches, and tropical, jungly highlands, it’s a must see for those who want a Caribbean vacation.


Nicaragua has so much beauty to offer, with tropical rainforests, volcanoes, palm trees, and untouched beaches. It’s a great spot for relaxation, and also has an abundant amount of culture to explore as well.

Rio De Janeiro

Brazil is beauty at its finest. From the beautiful beaches you want to lay on all day, to the beautiful people. Brazil is a definite honeymoon option for you and your beau.

Watch the video HERE.

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4 Hacks To Finding The Perfect Christmas Gift for That Special Someone

Christmas is here! Well, in 5 days. The countdown has officially begun. If you haven’t gotten a gift for Bae yet, it’s time to hop on that asap. Even though you know your Bae really well, it can be difficult to choose a gift that is perfect for him or her. So we’ll help you out, but don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret.

Feed Their Hobby:

If your special gal or guy has a hobby that they’re really into, it’s a smart idea to get them something that adds to their passion. For example, if they’re really into photography, you can get them the camera lens they’ve been eyeing for the past few months. They will thank you endlessly. Not only are you fueling and supporting their passion, but you are taking their craft up to a whole other level.

Gift An Experience:

Making memories are gifts that are priceless, and that you will never forget. Many people value an experience or a trip more than they do material things. Think about taking a trip to a place both of you have always wanted to travel to, or having an entire couples spa day, since she or he has been stressed due to work demands. There are many different options. Choose one that they’ll enjoy and will always remember.

Favorite Store:

Some people are really into brands and designers. Especially those who are extremely into fashion. That being said, buying something from bae’s favorite store, that they obsess over, will give you instant cool points.


Everyone has something they need to work on, whether it’s organization, or being more communicative. Giving them a gift that helps him or her, plan out they’re week, like a planner, to keep them on top of things, would be very helpful to them. It would be a gift that they didn’t know they needed, and they’ll be sure to thank you later.

We hope these tips were helpful, and that you implement them into your gift shopping for bae this year. Happy Shopping! And Happy Holidays!



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5 Unique Ways to Propose on New Years Eve or Christmas

The holidays are such a special time of the year. You are surrounded by family and loved ones, while feasting on good food, and taking shelter from the cold weather. The holidays are also a special time for couples too. With all the holiday cheer, good vibes and family time, men feel like it’s the perfect time to pop the oh so lovely question. And as the years go by, men are becoming more and more creative with how they do it. So, we’re taking inspiration from these very brave and in-love men to give you some unique ideas to pop the question to your lovely gal.

1.Find a place that is special for the both of you

Proposals are very sentimental and emotional moments. It’s important to choose a place that is meaningful to the both of you, whether it’s as simple as the park where you first met, or as extravagant as a boat cruise, choose a place that will create a special moment. One guy took his future fiance to a the world’s biggest cave to propose to her. They were both people who were adventurous and loved to travel, so he thought it would be the perfect place, and it was!

2. Take advantage of the cold weather

Even though we’d all love to be indoors, the cold weather has it’s perks. Around this time of year, depending on the region you live in, it snows a lot and it’s beautiful. Something about the snow is calm, quiet and so romantic. One man took his girlfriend to an outdoor skating rink while it was snowing. He surprised her with a red carpet train across the rink, with a box with a ring waiting for her on the other end of it. A moment made for the movies.

3. Be Creative

Proposals can be what you want them to be. No one else necessarily has to understand it, but you and your significant other. Proposals can be inspired by silly inside jokes, they can be corny and they don’t have to be in front of a whole crowd of people. One man proposed to his leading lady on a secluded beach by designing a massive picture in the sand asking her to marry him. While another man proposed his girlfriend with hundreds of balloons, inspired by their favorite movie, Up. Do what works for you and what will mean the most to her.

4. Get Help From The Family

Since it’s the holidays, you’ll most likely be around both of your families, so you can use that to your advantage. Have them help you out with any minute details that need to be made or fixed, they’ll also want to be a part of the moment, so having them involved will make the proposal even more magical.

5. Gift It

Since it’s Christmas time, what better way to give a ring than to gift it. Put the ring in abnormally big box under the tree, so she doesn’t have a clue what it is when she’s opening it. It’s a pretty obvious way of proposing during the holidays, but that gift will top any Christmas gift she’s ever gotten!

Share your proposal stories with us! We’ll be glad to learn about your beautiful love story.

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Styckie 2.0: The Best App For Event Planning

Have you heard the exciting news? The Styckie app is back and live on the App Store and Google Play. Now you can request an event professional in your area easier than ever. We’ve made some innovative improvements to the app, so that it is even better for usability. Take a look for yourself!

Choose Your Event:

Whether it’s a celebration, wedding or corporate event, you can pick the type of event you are planning.

Step 2: Choose your specific event, from birthdays to baby showers.


Step 3: Choose the type of vendors you need for your party. The options are endless, so pick away!


Step 4: Let’s say you chose catering. You can pick the type of food you would like catered for your event, so we can choose the best caterer for you in that genre.


Step 5: Confirm your services and choose your event date and time. Once thats’s done, enter your email, and you’ll be sent your event vendor matches within 24 hours! You’ll receive quotes for your vendor matches and you can message your vendor through the app and establish any minor details or questions that you may have.


Now that you know how it works, go download the app, or head over to the website to get started on planning your next event, stress free.

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How To Sleigh Your Holiday Party

Ohh the holidays! What joy, what fun, what stress. Yes, the holidays are great and grand, but the holidays are also all about entertaining. So, we know you have a holiday party coming up, and finding out what needs to get done can be pretty overwhelming, from trying to find a caterer, great decorations and of course, the perfect outfit. We know that you have a lot on your plate so we came up with our top tips to help you sleigh your holiday party, effortlessly.

Tip # 1 : Find The Right Outfit

Believe it or not, your outfit is very important. A part of being the hostess with the mostest, is dressing the part. Your goal is to look put together, but also be very comfortable so you can dance all night long with your friends and family. We suggest something sparkly, which calls great attention to you. Something reminiscent of a shift dress or a dress with a cinched waist would look great on all body types. We also suggest red as a good color for your event, since it’s the color of the season. A shape hugging knee-length dress or a strappy v-cut number will do the job.

Tip #2: Serve Some Good Drinks

Every good party needs drinks! This is of course if you’re over 21 kids. Now I love this time of year because you can get super creative with the drinks you make. When entertaining, you can play on differing flavors and types of alcohol. For the friends who like the tangy and sweet drinks, jingle juice is a good option to make. For those who like the more minty fresh options, peppermint

Tip #3: Serve Some Hors d’oeuvres

Now what’s a party without food? The holidays are a time to eat, eat, eat. We recommend small plates to keep your party cocktail-esque. Heavy hors d’oeuvres like chicken skewers or crostini with butternut squash will go well with the cocktails, and keep people from getting overstuffed. You can get your small plates catered by catering companies on Styckie. The great thing about that is you can pick vendors in your area.

Tip #4: Play Good Music

Everyone loves to dance, especially when there is great music playing. Since it’s the holidays, you can crank up the holiday tunes or play some party classics like the Electric Slide or Micheal Jackson’s top hits. A good idea would be to get a DJ so you don’t need to bother yourself with having to change the music every 5 minutes. You can select songs that you’d like him/her to play (and not play).

Tip #5: Have Fun! (duh!)

The point of throwing a party is to have fun with your family and friends, and enjoy yourself! So let loose, have a drink or two, and groove to the beat of your own drum 😉 Happy Holidays!


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Pump Up The Tunes! The Best Songs to Request At A Party

We all love to dance, even if we don’t know how. Dance is like the universal language, some speak differently than others, but we all do it. Now before we start swaying our hips and tapping our feet, we need the right songs to get us going. It’s imperative to have a good playlist going at your party or request to the DJ at a party. We’ve comprised 10 songs that will get everyone on their feet, every time!


10. Single Ladies by Beyonce: You can’t go wrong with this one! This song will always be a hit, especially at weddings 😉

9. Macarena by Los Del Rio: An oldie, but goodie. It’s difficult to follow along with the lyrics, but we all pretend we know them. Then once the “Ayyyye Macarena!” part comes on, we all sing with clarity.

8. Happy by Pharrell Williams: You can’t help but feel happy when you hear this song. It puts a smile on your face and rhythm in your feet.

7. Wild Thoughts by DJ Khalid: This beat gets you up and moving! It’s such a fun song to dance to at any function.

6. This is What You Came For by Calvin Harris: With more than 1 billion views on youtube, this is a party hit hands down. The song has a way of putting you in a trance and throwing you into the dancing spirit.

5. Despacito by Luis Fonsi: This was the song of the summer and it’s still going strong, with 4.3 billion views on youtube. Everyone loves to sing and dance along to this one.

4. P.Y.T by Micheal Jackson: This song is by one of the greats. It makes you feel happy, and like “a pretty young thang”.

3. Work by Rihanna: “werk, werk, werk” is what we all sing when we hear this song, and start to whine our hips. It’s a fun one that is definitely a favorite amongst the ladies.

2.  This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan: When you hear the beginning of this song it instantly gets you hype! This song will be sure to get people out of their seats.

1.The Cha Cha Slide by Mr. C The Slide Man : Perhaps the most well known song in America. IT IS the party song. Everyone knows this dance, well unless they’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years.

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The 5 Best Cakes For Your Child’s Fall Birthday Party

Birthdays are all about cake, cake, cake, cake. I mean come on, did you think they were about anything else? We all just want a slice or two at our birthday celebration, but it is important that the couple of slices are worth the extra calories. We comprised a list of 5 darn good birthday cakes for you, or your child’s birthday celebration that will leave your mouth watering.


Candy Wonderland

Talk about a little kid’s dream all in one cake. Almost every type of candy (Hershey’s bars, lollipops, sweet and sour rolls, white chocolate covered wafers) has been wedged into this cake that faintly reminds us of Alice in Wonderland meets Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. This is definitely an eye-gasmic cake.


Unicorn Dream Cake

There’s something about unicorns that peak almost every little girl’s interest. They’re cute, they’re mystical, and magical – just like this cake. It’s important to get creative with kid’s cakes because as much as they like eating, they also like something that looks good to eat. Therefore, we think it’s the perfect cake to set your daughter (or son’s) unicorn or pink-themed birthday party with.


M&M 3-Tier Cake

M&M’s are great on their own, and on cookies, but I’ve never tried them on a cake. So after having this, it tops my list of must have cakes. It has more M&M’s on it than you’ll need in a lifetime. Now thats’s saying something 😉 Your kids will go crazy for this one (and so will you).


Windmill Chocolate Cake

I call this a chocolate cake with a twist, get it? The chocolate chunks at the top of the cake are placed in a motion of a windmill, which definitely adds a dynamic aspect to the classic chocolate cake. This cake is sprinkled with chocolate chips on the exterior and has a moist delectable interior that will have you coming back for thirds.


Chocolate Truffle Tiramisu Cake

This is another one for the chocolate lovers. This tiramisu cake is for slightly older taste buds (perhaps 15 years and up) in order for it to be fully appreciated. Tiramisu cake has a way of looking almost too perfect. In a way it’s reminiscent of a iced chocolate macchiato, with hints of coffee and truffle bites; which is why this cake has made our top 5 best cakes list.

Watch the full video here.

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Top 5 Venues in DC for A Sweet 16 or 18 Birthday Celebration

It is important to celebrate the milestones in life, and birthdays are amazing moments that should always be commemorated, no matter if it’s in a small, or big way. We all have cakes, balloons, good food and guests on our birthday checklist. But, when it comes to birthdays, it’s important to find a venue that suites your needs, and we’ve enlisted our top 5 spots for a birthday celebration right here in D.C.

Kabin Lounge

This venue is located in the bustling Dupont Circle. It’s luxurious vibe is perfect for the sophisticated 18 year old. Deriving inspiration from the Alpine culture, this “3,200- square foot space showcases a lush and unique modern-day Aspen cabin ambience”, complete with superior quality sound system, and 14 cozy VIP tables. When you rent out the lounge it can fit up to 252 guests, so your 18 year old can dance the night away with all his or her friends.


Blind Whino Arts Club

This space is definitely for the artsy individual. Housed in the historic Friendship Baptist Church, built in 1886, it is a community-based arts programming facility that doubles as an event space. The biggest thing that sticks out about this venue is the creative use of art and expression drawn and painted all over the inside and outside of the venue. With bright pinks, greens and blues painted into geometric shapes on the outside and trance-like colors on the interior, this venue is a must see.


9:30 Club

This venue is for the music lovers who just want to see a concert on their bday and dance with their friends. This two-story space is visited by well-known musicians, who put on a great show. The 9:30 Club has been named the # 1 nightclub by Rolling Stone, Billboard and Pollstar, more than any other club in the nation, and it’s the most attended club of its size in the world.


Lucky Strike

A posh bowling alley located in the heart of D.C’s Chinatown. Located right next to the Verizon Center, this space has a lot to offer, especially with the high amount of foot traffic. This is a fun venue for 16 year olds who want to listen to music, play games, and eat some good food with their friends.


The Living Room

This space is high-end, modern and spacious. At 5635 square ft, this venue is perfect for a big sweet 16 or 18th birthday party. The club which opened in 2016 is literally designed like a living room, a much bigger, expensive and hip living room than yours. The lounge can accommodate catering vendors, and house innovative moveable walls to create a variety of room layouts.

Watch the full video here.


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