Bold Flower Patterns That Make a Statement

This summer’s hottest new trend in wedding flowers is a blast of colors and patterns! We are obsessing over flower arrangements with over the top color combinations, eye-catching details, hanging wreaths, and bohemian mandalas.

Two colors that are sure to mesh are orange and yellow. Not just the primary colors from elementary school, but an “apricot” orange and “buttery” yellow. These colors are great for brides who love a blush color or a salmon pink but want to step out of the box a bit. These two colors are inviting, yet unexpected. When combined, boom, instant happiness! Peonies, Icelandic poppies, Juliet roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, and ranunculus are some of the flowers that can be used to bring this vision to life. Read more about the Italian inspired wedding by Magnolia Rouge

Photo Courtesy of Amanda K Photography

Circles are everywhere! In a wedding, circles have so much meaning like forever love and unity. Therefore, wreaths are a perfect backdrop for couples who are looking to make a statement. Wreaths are so easy to personalize and they can be suspended in the ceremony or reception space. Brides are opting to skip the bouquets and use circle wreaths with a ton of greenery. See more of this gorgeous wedding on the Confetti Day Dreams website

Photo Courtesy of Nicola Bester Photography

If you really want to step outside the box, ditch greenery and replace it with moss. You will make a bold statement with this lush and fluffy element. Moss is wonderfully beautiful in a tablescape, a backdrop, or a runner for a buffet table. Get real fancy and display your wedding monogram with moss.

Photo Courtesy of Pintrest

Finally, mandalas made our list of this summer’s hottest flower trends because of its free-spirited meaning. Placing petals in a symmetrical, round pattern, creates floral mandalas. They are sure to bring good energy to your big day! Whether you display your mandala on a tabletop or at the end of your aisle, it’ll be a great photo opts. See more of this gorgeous elopment from 100 Layer Cake

Photo courtesy of Anna + Mateo

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The many hats and titles of a Wedding Arranger

Photo courtesy of Austin Wedding Blog
Photo courtesy of Austin Wedding Blog

When you start thinking of all of your event vendors, their roles are pretty simple. You will need a photographer, a caterer, a makeup artist, decor, florals, maybe even transportation and a photo booth. Some interchangeable decisions you need to make are if you want a band or a DJ? Videographer or cinematographer? Perhaps the biggest challenge and decision is if you need a wedding planner. This may be a decision based on budget or how much hands-on help you need. With so many titles and roles a planner plays, you can be sure you’ve selected the right match, after reading the descriptions below.

Wedding Planner

wedding planner is a is the one who produces and orchestrates the entire event from beginning to end – a professional who assists with the planning, design, and management of a client’s wedding. Because of a number of vendors, guest count, logistics, and details, most couples are willing to spend a considerable amount of money to ensure the wedding is well organized and managed.

Some of the many responsibilities for a full-service planner are to source and negotiate with your vendors, to communicate with them on expectations and logistics, working with the family and bridal party meltdowns (yes, let’s be real – this happens), sets up the day of timeline for the dream team, works with a realistic budget to keep you on track, assists with venue selections, stationery, menus, and so much more.

Wedding Coordinator 

A wedding coordinator executes the event after the all the details have been planned by the couple. Typically the coordinator starts one month of the event to take over the communication with the vendors, finalize last minute details, set up the day of timeline for the venue and vendors and executing a fabulous event! They are not there to negotiate any terms after the contract has been signed, so do be mindful of this.

Some venues have an on-site coordinator that is included in your contract. This person is very resourceful and helpful to be an additional person on your coordinator’s team, however, this doesn’t mean they are dealing with any vendors outside of the hotel contract. They won’t call the baker if they are late or track down your linens if they didn’t arrive. But because they can get in the kitchen to oversee the caterers, you can rest assured that they are making sure everything is replenished, the guests are comfortable, the flatware, glassware, and your china are clean and replaced.

If your budget does not allow for a full-service planner or you have the time and resources to plan your own dream wedding, please still consider a day of coordinator. The last thing you want is a family member stepping in to assist when they want to be guests or you wondering why the right cake topper isn’t on the cake while you are cutting it!

Aside from these titles, there are wedding producers, wedding designers, wedding consultants, wedding arrangers (which goes hand in hand with planners) – be sure to follow us and read about them on our upcoming blogs

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How to Hire the Best Wedding Planner




The question was asked and the answer was YES! Everything you have envisioned since childhood is beginning to flash before your eyes. Your fairytale wedding will be unfolded for your family and friends to see in no time. Maybe you have too many ideas that need to cohesively fit, maybe you planned everything online, but need the ideas to be executed or maybe you need someone to just pull the ideas out of your brain and create your vision from beginning to end.

This is when you need a wedding planner to step in, but not just any planner, the BEST wedding planner! Here are a few important factors to look out for selecting the right team.


I always say you are married to the planner before the couple is married to each other. It’s not just liking the person or what they do. Planning a wedding with someone so closely intimate and saturated with the details, stress, and finances, go way beyond the planning process – they are your therapist, friend, confidant, advocate, and advisor (among other things) so you must trust them.

  • Do they have the patience to deal with the family (or drama) that may deter some ideas?
  • Can you see yourself, your partner and families spending time with them?
  • Do they understand your vision?

Services Offered 

There are so many titles when it comes to a wedding planner. Make sure you know what fits your needs and budget

  • A full-service planner will find your venue, vendors, keep you on track with the budget and checklist and coordinate your event, plus a hundred other things
  • A day of the coordinator may start the month before or the week of your big day. Although these tend to be more cost effective, confirm the deliverables and expectations so you are on the same page from the very beginning.

Past Events/Clients

There’s no greater compliment than a referral from a past client. Whether you see them in action at an event or ask your friends, it’s still a good idea to get some additional information from them.

  • Have they done an event at the venue before?
  • If they work with the same vendors, do they pass on those discounts to you?


In order to ensure your big day runs smoothly, your notes, details, verification calls, and timelines need to be flawless. Communication is KEY in setting you up as you get to the big month, even the week of. You shouldn’t be scrambling for details the week of your wedding, when you should be relaxing and getting pampered.

  • The expectation of them being accessible 24/7 is not practical or realistic, however, do they make you feel like a priority?
  • How many events are they working on in the same month as yours and how big is their team?
  • How many times will you meet or talk to the planner or team?

Plan B

We never want to think about the what ifs, but we need to be prepared for it, regardless.

  • If the planner has an emergency, what is the backup?
  • If there is rain for an outdoor wedding, have you gone into detail about specific plans?


There are so many other factors in selecting the best wedding planner, too many to list here so stay tuned for more details as the summer wedding season continues. Find the BEST wedding planners on Styckie – we will help you plan the perfect event!

Preeti Vasudeva

Vendor & Content Manager – Styckie

Special Events Planner – Preeti Exclusive Events

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6 Chair Rentals for Your BIG Day!!

When being seated for a wedding, how often do you think the guests notice the chairs? With so many new styles and accent decor, they are becoming more a part of the overall theme. Sure the venue banquet chairs and spandex coverings are still popular, but if you want to add that extra flair to your wedding, be sure to rent these styles. Our Pinterest page has many more ideas for you to be inspired by!


Chiavari Chairs

The most popular amongst all the chairs are the Chiavaris, also known as ballroom chairs. These come in multi finishes like silver, gold, mahogany, even acrylic. The cushion choices are endless to match any color theme. You can take your design idea to the next level by adding sashes, florals even signs.

Photo by Lin & Jirsa


Ghost Chairs

Watching people get seated in a ghost chair is very entertaining. They are unsure if their weight can handle the delicate looking chair and they hold on to the chair while walking over so they don’t ‘miss’ this clear beauty when sitting. This lucite design is very modern and chic which fits those themes well. Consider using graphics on the chair or cushions for an added touch.


Photo by Brides.Com


Folding Chairs

Almost every garden or outdoor wedding has these classic white folding chairs. They create the perfect casual look, but with the right accents, the attention can be diverted for a more elegant look.


Photo by: Elizabeth Anne Designs


Bentwood Chairs

These very simple chairs can fit any rustic theme and are mostly used indoors. Following the look of classic restaurants that still use these chairs, your wedding will feel very ‘homey’ with this classic look.


Photo by: Style Me Pretty


‘X’ Farm Back Chair

Also known as the ‘Pilgrim’ chair, this classic piece takes you back in time. With a versatile look for indoor and outdoor events, this staple chair can create the perfect rustic look with minimal effort.


Photo by: CJ’s Off The Square


Chameleon Chair

One of my personal favorites is the Chameleon Chair. Is it THE most stylish chair that makes a statement in every room, regardless of the design. I didn’t say they were the lightest or the most comfortable, but all of that goes out the window when you see how it looks in your wedding!


Photo By: Inside Weddings


Styckie is your one stop shop for all of your event planning needs. From decor to photo booth, our pros are ready to make your next event special.

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Preeti Vasudeva

Vendor & Content Manager – Styckie

Special Events Planner – Preeti Exclusive Events

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5 Alternative Centerpieces for your Next Event

When you think centerpieces, you think florals, over the top trees, maybe 5-6 vases on a table or an entire runner of roses…ok, maybe that’s just what I think about! From weddings to birthdays or showers, here are 5 of our favorite centerpieces that have minimal florals, but maximum value! Our Pintrest board has some more ideas for you to see.

Photo by

For a birthday party or even a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, these colorful lollipop centerpieces will catch a lot of attention (and hungry eyes). A simple styrofoam ball and some glue can add multi layers and everyone will have fun taking a lollipop as the night goes on. Adding blow pops to these dum dums, can add some dimension to the tables.

Photo By

A bridal shower can benefit from the zen and tranquil effects of fresh lavender. Tie these around a votive and light the candle for a beautifully scented party. Sage can also work wonderfully or my personal fav is putting lose jasmine buds floating in water bowls – heavenly!!!!

Photo By

Wine and beer lovers rejoice!! Drink up, empty those bottles and get to spray painting! The key is to have multi-shaped bottles so get creative when you go shopping at the liquor store. Remember, safety first: cover your mouth when spray painting, allow a day for it to dry, transport them safely and fill with your fav florals. This can be used at a bridal shower, wine themed birthday or even a cocktail party. Add some color to votive candles, to complete the look.

Photo by Hi Miss Puff

Birdcages have been increasingly popular to collect gift envelopes, but this touch of florals creates a romantic touch to any event. Add some rose petals and multi-tiered votive candles on the base, but watch out for those hanging vines!

Photo by

Rustic themes are all the rage, especially in the fall. With creative uses of mason jars and natural tree trunks, you can bring the outdoors to any table. Moss, eucalyptus, and twine easily lend themselves to a natural theme – just take it easy with the weight of the trunks!


From photographers to photo booths, Styckie is your one stop shop for all of your event needs.

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Preeti Vasudeva

Vendor & Content Manager – Styckie

Special Events Planner – Preeti Exclusive Events

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What do these 5 engagement rings say about your personality?

Before you start pinning every single ring that you love (to drop that hint) read what your personality says about these gorgeous cuts!

Heart Shape

Pinned from BRIDES

The ring that symbolizes lasting love is given to a devoted, sentimental and romantic person. Be sure to try this with a band to avoid any last minute disappointments.

Round Cut

Pinned from Elegant Wedding Invites

The most classic of all cuts is the round shape. This shows you are laid back, traditional and honest. Any band from a delicate wire to a full diamond band adds to the sparkle.

Princess Cut

Pinned from Elegant Wedding Invites

The second most popular cut is a rectangle with pointed corners. Ladies that wear this are said to be intelligent, fun loving and spontaneous.

Cushion Cut

Pinned from How He Asked

A vintage, yet modern cut is the cushion cut with rounded corners and larger facets. You’re an adventurous, team player who is very dependable.

Pear Cut

Pinned from Brilliant Earth


If you have a wider finger, this teardrop shape can make your finger look slimmer. A calm, adaptable and modest women adores this style the most.


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Preeti Vasudeva

Vendor & Content Manager – Styckie

Special Events Planner – Preeti Exclusive Events

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