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Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Florist

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Florist
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You’ve envisioned your wedding since probably before you had a partner (let’s be honest). Besides your outfit, you knew the flowers you wanted for your bouquet, your centerpieces and probably for your cake. Since so much goes into this look and feel, we’ve created a list to help you choose the perfect florist for your wedding.

Define Your Floral Budget

When setting your overall budget for the wedding, the floral budget on an average can be approx 8% of your total. This figure should be helpful in knowing what your perimeters are for spending. If your floral budget doesn’t add up to your Pinterest wish list, then you can always take a percentage (or 5) away from another vendor category.

Wedding flowers for table settings

Establish Your Wedding Floral Needs and Style

Do you need personal flowers like bouquets and boutonnieres? Do you want decor on your escort card table and cake table? Do you need a small sweetheart table? Do you need all floral centerpieces?

Now let’s think style – Rustic? Glam? Modern? Traditional? Boho Chic? With so many styles and designs to choose from, the best way to start pinning or making a mood board is to use your dress and venue for inspiration to make the whole theme fit.

If your dress has lace and you are having a garden wedding, your theme may lean more towards rustic and bohemian. With that, your style may be more earthy colors of florals, lots of lush greenery and candles.

If your dress is an A-line gown and you are wearing this to a country club, your style may lean more towards the traditional with tall trumpet floral centerpieces and lots of candles.

If your dress is an off the shoulder, mermaid fitting gown and your venue is a boutique hotel, your style may be more modern glam. With this, picture a hybrid design of florals and candles in geometric vases and metallic colors.

Choosing a florist for your wedding.

Seek Reviews + Referrals For Wedding Florists

Did you attend a wedding and loved the design? Is your friend raving about the florist she selected? This goes a long way in selecting your wedding florist. Schedule a call or interview with your florist to make sure it’s the right fit. Look at the designs they have created in the past and share your inspiration pictures as well. Make sure that it aligns and that you walk away from the interview feeling very confident in their work. You won’t be cheating on a potential florist if you meet with a few – it’s best to compare styles, personalities, and budget

Narrowing Down Your Wish List

Start with everything you want for your big day from the aisle way to the dessert bar. Once you receive the proposal, go line by line to see what is a must have and just a wish list. After going through the must-haves, reassess your budget to see how many of your wish list items can make the final cut. The best way to do this is to prioritize the wish – will all of the guests enjoy the experience? Will it make an impact? Is there a personal connection to the wish? All of those factors and more will help you keep your proposal in line

Selecting Your Wedding Florist

After all of the interviews, design boards and budget analysis, it’s time to pick the right one! After signing the contract and placing your deposit, your florist is now officially all yours (well, you do realize you have to share them, right?)

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