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Friday the 13th Party Ideas

Friday the 13th Party Ideas
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Friday the 13th has been synonymous with bad luck, dark themes, ominous feels, and scary stories for years. Mostly in part to Freddy Krueger and the Halloween franchise of movies. If you dare to throw a party, here are some ghoulish ways to bring Halloween early!

Decorative Colors

Black and grey decor should be relatively easy to pull off, but the focal pint should be RED…for blood! Wreaths, leaves, and flowers are a good start


This theme wouldn’t be complete without playing the actual movies! A shortlist below, but not limited to, should be

  • Friday the 13th
  • Exorcist
  • Scream
  • It
  • Nightmare on Elm Street


  • Bust out the Ouija board if you want to conjure the dead.
  • A spooky game of Truth or Dare, Jason style, will be a sure-fire hit.
  • Throw mirror compacts to see who drops it to make it crack


This part can be so much fun. Cupcakes with slashes in them, camp favorites like popcorn and smores with bloodstains,

Community Participation

Some neighborhoods or historic grounds host ghost sightings or tours. Be sure to take a flashlight, water, and protein bars…this ISN’T for the faint at heart

Mess with your Guests

Do you have a black cat? Let it roam around so it crosses everyone’s path. Place a ladder at the entrance so guests have to go under it to get inside.

Be sure to bookmark these ideas for Halloween next month 🙂

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