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Halloween in DC; Top Treats

Halloween in DC; Top Treats
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It’s that time of year again!

Halloween is the time to let your spirit animal run free. Time to decide if you want to be a pop culture icon or a DIY genius. A Pennywise or Jon Snow. A mother of dragons or Tinderella. Mario Kart or Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm.

As much as we love the food, BOOze, decor, and pranks, let’s face it, the BEST part of Halloween for anyone young and old, big and small, human or pet is the candy. Whether sweet or savory, Halloween treats are THE biggest hit of any event.

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Skittles Cauldron reminds me of the Bubble Witch game. Taste the rainbow while matching colors to make a magic potion. If you can convince someone that you ARE in fact making a potion, then you get 100 points, my friend.

Skittles Cauldron


Spoiler alert – Spooky Kisses are just Hershey kisses in disguise. The only thing spooky about a kiss on Halloween is making out with a DC politician that isn’t actually in costume.

Spooky Kisses


Unless you are using Candy Corn as a garnish, don’t eat it, like ever. Your dentist will thank you. How did this treat even become a Halloween staple?! Buuttt, if you insist on having some, change it up with a pumpkin shaped one.

Candy Corn/Pumpkin


The most basic thing for fall is anything Pumpkin and the most classic of chocolates are M&M’s. If they had a baby, they would be Pumpkin M&M’s. You may think I’m joking, but it actually exists!

Pumpkin M&M’s


If you have ever been curious about what bones must taste like, try Sweet-Tarts Skulls & Bones. The tangy taste should be enjoyed on DC metro during rush hour for the most laughs.

SweetTarts Bones


Oh, Reeses…they make chocolate and peanut butter so much better, even the Bat-shaped ones! Pro Tip: put them in the freezer to savor each sweet bite. Add some sea salt to make it more savory…now THAT’S a real Halloween treat!

Reese’s Bat


Just when you thought Peeps only existed on Easter as bunnies, they emerged as ghosts on Halloween. If you like marshmallows, then I am sure you are happy!

Halloween Peeps

Which ones will you use for your neighborhood trick or treaters??

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