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Homemade Holiday Decor

Homemade Holiday Decor
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Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive or storebought

With the holidays around the corner, we found fun, fast and easy ways to spruce up your home with homemade holiday decor. Fun activities for the kids to do, as well as, big kids!

Gift wrap liner idea by HGTV, photo by Flynnside Out Productions

Add some life to your every day serving plates by lining them with some leftover holiday gift wrap. Pro tip: use different colors to create an inexpensive festive look.

Image from HGTV

If you’ve ever wanted a fireplace, but your apartment, home or holiday AirBnB doesn’t have one, now you can make one. This adorable canvas and chalk idea from HGTV can easily be stored and brought out year after year. Full instructions found on HGTV’s website

Crafting fun from HGTV, Photo by Sam Henderson

If you have a ton of pinecones lying around from your fall adventures, get some simple materials and follow this tutorial from HGTV. This fun ‘tree’ will add a ton of cheer to any tabletop

Marble ornaments by Sugar and Charm

There are so many ornaments at so many stores, but are customized to your favorite colors? Probably not! With some enamel paint, you can have colorful ornaments to match your interior decor. See the tutorial on Sugar and Charm

Photo by a Girl and a Glue Gun

Who knew that some popsicle sticks, hot glue and spray paint could create a whimsical 3D effect of snowflakes. A girl and a glue gun has the step by step guide here

Stay tuned for more holiday cheer

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