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How to Pick a Good Wedding Planner

How to Pick a Good Wedding Planner
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The question was asked and the answer was YES! Your fairytale wedding will be unfolded for your family and friends to see in no time. The next question is if you need a good wedding planner.

Do you have too many ideas that need to cohesively fit? Have you planned everything online, but need the ideas to be executed or maybe you need someone? Do you need someone to pull the ideas out of your brain and create your vision from beginning to end? If you answered YES to all of these, then you need a good wedding planner. Below we will show you how to pick a Good Wedding Planner.


I always say you are married to the planner before the couple is married to each other. It’s not just liking the person or what they do. Planning a wedding with someone so closely intimate and saturated with the details, stress, and finances, go way beyond the planning process – they are your therapist, friend, confidant, advocate, and advisor (among other things) so you must trust them. This is what makes them a good wedding planner.

  • Do they have the patience to deal with the family (or drama) that may deter some ideas?
  • Can you see yourself, your partner and families spending time with them?
  • Do they understand your vision?

Services Offered 

There are so many titles when it comes to a good wedding planner. Make sure you know what fits your needs and budget

  • A full-service planner will find your venue, vendors, keep you on track with the budget and checklist and coordinate your event, plus a hundred other things
  • A day of the coordinator may start the month before or the week of your big day. Although these tend to be more cost effective, confirm the deliverables and expectations so you are on the same page from the very beginning.

Past Events/Clients

There’s no greater compliment than a referral from a past client. Whether you see them in action at an event or ask your friends, it’s still a good idea to get some additional information from them.

  • Have they done an event at the venue before?
  • If they work with the same vendors, do they pass on those discounts to you?


In order to ensure your big day runs smoothly, your notes, details, verification calls, and timelines need to be flawless. Communication is KEY in setting you up as you get to the big month, even the week of. You shouldn’t be scrambling for details the week of your wedding when you should be relaxing and getting pampered.

  • The expectation of them being accessible 24/7 is not practical or realistic, however, do they make you feel like a priority?
  • How many events are they working on in the same month as yours and how big is their team?
  • How many times will you meet or talk to the planner or team?

Plan B

We never want to think about the what-ifs, but we need to be prepared for it, regardless.

  • If the planner has an emergency, what is the backup?
  • If there is rain for an outdoor wedding, have you gone into detail about specific plans?

There are so many other factors in picking a good wedding planner, too many to list here, but we will keep blogging about this topic so stay tuned. Pick good wedding planners on Styckie – we will help you plan the perfect event!

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