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How to Throw an Unforgettable Gender Reveal Party!

How to Throw an Unforgettable Gender Reveal Party!
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Gender reveals are so extra lately and everyone is looking for a twist on the classic surprise. You’ve seen balloons popping, confetti flying and cakes being cut. Read below for a memorable reveal that is viral-worthy – don’t forget to have your phones ready

For the Sports Fans

There are so many sports that make the reveal more interactive. All you need is a ball and for it to be filled with pink or blue powder. Cheerleaders will be standing by ready to scream in excitement. Score a home run with a baseball, a touchdown with a football, a goal with a hockey puck or soccer ball. You’ll get nothing but net with a basketball. Yell fooorreeeee with a golf ball and serve up the fun with a tennis ball or volleyball.



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For the Food Lover

The ‘Icing on the cake’ is cutting a cake for everyone to see the color. But having all of your family & friends bite into a cupcake or cookie at the same time, is much more dramatic. An added ‘sweet treat’ is to decorate the cookies based on your theme

gender reveal cookies with sprinkles
Photo from Sweet Ambs

Activity Packed Fun

If you want your guests to be a part of the reveal, have them beat or pull strings from a pinata filled with your gender color treats, powder or tiny balloons. If you want the parents to be part in on the fun, then spray them with some silly string! Sure it’s messy, but image the amazing videos! A party isn’t a party without confetti! Just hand out some theme designed canisters that have the color confetti inside and pop the fun!

confetti gender reveal - it's a girl!
Image from Etsy


Let us know what you tried and suggest some ideas in the comments below!

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