3 Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Go Bowling:

Bowling is always a lot of fun, and it is definitely not just for kids. You get to play games while hanging with your friends. It creates a sense of community and allows for people to have conversations with each other, rather than trying to hear each other in a loud club. A great option is cosmic bowling, which starts around 10 pm. The bowling alley dims the lights, and adds strobe lighting, as well as opening up the bar so you can sip on something while sharpening up your bowling skills, and mingling with friends.

Go Dancing:

For those who love to dance and just have fun, this is a great birthday celebration idea. Put on your dancing shoes, grab your girls, and head out to your favorite ballroom dancing spot! Some places also have dance instructors, who come in to teach a class before they open the dance floor for the evening, so if you don’t know how to dance that well, you can get comfortable before you’re all on your own on the dance floor.

Go Glamping:

For those who haven’t heard of this, glamping is like camping, that is “glammed up”. Straight up, traditional camping in a tent is not for everyone. The bugs, no electricity, and a sleeping bag, does not sound all that appealing to some. So, glamping is a way for you to enjoy the wildlife, while bringing a piece of comfort with you too. Instead of tents, you’ll have a cabin, housed with beds, food, and get this, electricity! Now, glamping with a crew of your friends doesn’t sound so bad.


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The 5 Best Cakes For Your Child’s Fall Birthday Party

Birthdays are all about cake, cake, cake, cake. I mean come on, did you think they were about anything else? We all just want a slice or two at our birthday celebration, but it is important that the couple of slices are worth the extra calories. We comprised a list of 5 darn good birthday cakes for you, or your child’s birthday celebration that will leave your mouth watering.


Candy Wonderland

Talk about a little kid’s dream all in one cake. Almost every type of candy (Hershey’s bars, lollipops, sweet and sour rolls, white chocolate covered wafers) has been wedged into this cake that faintly reminds us of Alice in Wonderland meets Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. This is definitely an eye-gasmic cake.


Unicorn Dream Cake

There’s something about unicorns that peak almost every little girl’s interest. They’re cute, they’re mystical, and magical – just like this cake. It’s important to get creative with kid’s cakes because as much as they like eating, they also like something that looks good to eat. Therefore, we think it’s the perfect cake to set your daughter (or son’s) unicorn or pink-themed birthday party with.


M&M 3-Tier Cake

M&M’s are great on their own, and on cookies, but I’ve never tried them on a cake. So after having this, it tops my list of must have cakes. It has more M&M’s on it than you’ll need in a lifetime. Now thats’s saying something 😉 Your kids will go crazy for this one (and so will you).


Windmill Chocolate Cake

I call this a chocolate cake with a twist, get it? The chocolate chunks at the top of the cake are placed in a motion of a windmill, which definitely adds a dynamic aspect to the classic chocolate cake. This cake is sprinkled with chocolate chips on the exterior and has a moist delectable interior that will have you coming back for thirds.


Chocolate Truffle Tiramisu Cake

This is another one for the chocolate lovers. This tiramisu cake is for slightly older taste buds (perhaps 15 years and up) in order for it to be fully appreciated. Tiramisu cake has a way of looking almost too perfect. In a way it’s reminiscent of a iced chocolate macchiato, with hints of coffee and truffle bites; which is why this cake has made our top 5 best cakes list.

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