Highlight Friday: Priscilla Molina

Happy Highlight Friday! Today we have a special interview with our vendor Priscilla Molina, a makeup artist who found her calling over 3 years ago, and created Priscilla M Beauty. And her passion shows, with her sweet and bubbly personality, and her incredible work ethic. I chatted with her to ask her some questions about her success.

S: Priscilla, so great to have you on Highlight Friday!

S: First off, what inspired you to start doing makeup for a living?

P: I want to say it all started when I was a little girl, I remember watching my mom apply her makeup and I always paid attention to the smallest detail (and boy did that wing liner look perfect to me) lol. That sparked an interest in me that never faded. Soon I found myself applying my own makeup (That’s when I fell in LOVE) Not only did I feel beautiful, but it appealed to my creative side. It wasn’t till about 3 and half years ago while I was pregnant with my daughter that I thought to myself ‘I don’t want to miss out on seeing my daughter grow up even in the smallest ways, while slaving (working) for someone else during the week.’ I wanted to do something that I already loved that would enable me to stay at home with her during the week. So, I decided to turn my idea into a reality. I started working for other bridal companies to gain experience. It was my stepping stone and till today I am forever grateful for those who gave me an opportunity. Soon after I decide to venture out and build my own company and that’s exactly what I did. Now here I am 3 years later with 12 amazing girls on my team and still growing.

S: So inspiring, what was one of the best moments to date that made you know you were in the right profession?

P: Being able to see your bride come to tears because she feels gorgeous after she sees what you have done, is one of the best feelings ever. I find so much joy helping women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Those are the moments I live for!

S: Now, what is one beauty product you think every woman should have in her purse?

P: Lip and cheek stain. We all know that the first things to fade are blush and lipstick, so carry one product that can refresh both. I recommend Revlon Colorbust Balm Stain its extremely affordable and pigmented.

S: If you weren’t a makeup artist, what would you be?

P: I don’t know exactly what I would be, but I can tell you it would be something on the creative side. So maybe something along the lines of designing weddings, homes etc. I can’t see myself not being able to express my creative side somehow.  Even though I am fascinated by organizing things, so closet organizer would be awesome! Lol

S: Closet organizer would definitely be a fun job!

S: What advice would you give someone who wants to start his/her own business?

P: Well first, starting your own business isn’t for the faint hearted. You will make mistakes. You’re only human, but you must learn from them and make it better. Be humble, you will never know everything there is to know. You have to be willing to grow and continue learning new things. You want people to know you as a professional and kind person. I truly believe you ought to treat people like you want to be treated. Trust me it goes a long way once your business starts gaining a reputation. It is hard work, but stay consistent, and positive. You can do anything you put your heart into. Now go and make your dreams come true!

You can book Priscilla and her team through Styckie.com!

All photos provided by Priscilla Molina.

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Highlight Friday: Ashley Riddle

Happy Friday! Today we’ll be highlighting a vendor on Styckie who does amazing work through the platform. We’re calling this series, “Highlight Fridays”, where we’ll highlight different types of vendors that we have on the app, sharing their backstories, and their field of expertise.

To kick it off, we have an amazing vendor, named Ashley Riddle. Ashley is a makeup artist and hair stylist, who has her own company, Up Do’s for I Do’s. Ashley’s passion for hair and makeup inspired her to start her own business and become a unique expert in the field. In the 13 years she has been in business, Ashley has grown her company to over 40 employees who attend over 500 events each year in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and South Carolina. Her team of licensed, insured, and professional hair stylists and makeup artists create long-lasting hairstyles and camera-ready makeup for brides and their bridal parties. And get this, her team travels anywhere! In addition, not only is Ashley, killin’ it in the wedding business, but she also makes time to give back. She does this by styling wigs for patients undergoing cancer treatments, and by providing services for runway fashion shows for charitable events. I chatted with Ashley over email to pick her brain a bit and ask her some questions about her and her business.

Styckie: Ashley, it’s great to have you as a feature on Highlight Friday!

Styckie: What inspired you to start doing makeup for a living?

Ashley: I recognized an unfulfilled demand in my chosen field.  I’ve enjoyed establishing, managing, and steadily expanding a reputable and profitable business in three major metropolitan areas and a beach resort area.

Styckie: How long have you been in business? And is it your full-time gig?

Ashley: I started this company in 2004. Both myself and my husband run this company full time. We have 40 talented Artists that work alongside us.

Styckie: What was one of the best moments to date that made you know you were in the right profession?

Ashley: It is amazing to see over and over a bride look into the mirror and love the way she looks! It reaffirms that I made the right decision to be in this business and industry.

Styckie: What is one beauty product you think every woman should have in her purse?

Ashley: Concealer! You can use it to cover sudden blemishes, as a highlighter to brighten your face or even cover dark circles for long work days (or to hide a late night out).

Styckie: If you weren’t a makeup artist and business owner, what would you be?

Ashley: If I weren’t in the beauty industry, I would still want to work with people. After having 3 children of my own, I’d likely enter a nursing career to help delivery babies.

Styckie: What advice would you give someone who wants to start his/her own business?

Ashley: Keep all doors of opportunity open by being prepared and saying yes! Some opportunities will become failures which will lead to learning. Some opportunities will allow you to propel farther into the future. Stepping outside your comfort zone will allow for new adventures, business opportunities and relationships.

Ashley and her team or amazing professionals can be booked through styckie.com, your one-stop shop for anything wedding and event related.

All imagery provided by Ashley Riddle.

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