5 Unique Ways to Propose on New Years Eve or Christmas

The holidays are such a special time of the year. You are surrounded by family and loved ones, while feasting on good food, and taking shelter from the cold weather. The holidays are also a special time for couples too. With all the holiday cheer, good vibes and family time, men feel like it’s the perfect time to pop the oh so lovely question. And as the years go by, men are becoming more and more creative with how they do it. So, we’re taking inspiration from these very brave and in-love men to give you some unique ideas to pop the question to your lovely gal.

1.Find a place that is special for the both of you

Proposals are very sentimental and emotional moments. It’s important to choose a place that is meaningful to the both of you, whether it’s as simple as the park where you first met, or as extravagant as a boat cruise, choose a place that will create a special moment. One guy took his future fiance to a the world’s biggest cave to propose to her. They were both people who were adventurous and loved to travel, so he thought it would be the perfect place, and it was!

2. Take advantage of the cold weather

Even though we’d all love to be indoors, the cold weather has it’s perks. Around this time of year, depending on the region you live in, it snows a lot and it’s beautiful. Something about the snow is calm, quiet and so romantic. One man took his girlfriend to an outdoor skating rink while it was snowing. He surprised her with a red carpet train across the rink, with a box with a ring waiting for her on the other end of it. A moment made for the movies.

3. Be Creative

Proposals can be what you want them to be. No one else necessarily has to understand it, but you and your significant other. Proposals can be inspired by silly inside jokes, they can be corny and they don’t have to be in front of a whole crowd of people. One man proposed to his leading lady on a secluded beach by designing a massive picture in the sand asking her to marry him. While another man proposed his girlfriend with hundreds of balloons, inspired by their favorite movie, Up. Do what works for you and what will mean the most to her.

4. Get Help From The Family

Since it’s the holidays, you’ll most likely be around both of your families, so you can use that to your advantage. Have them help you out with any minute details that need to be made or fixed, they’ll also want to be a part of the moment, so having them involved will make the proposal even more magical.

5. Gift It

Since it’s Christmas time, what better way to give a ring than to gift it. Put the ring in abnormally big box under the tree, so she doesn’t have a clue what it is when she’s opening it. It’s a pretty obvious way of proposing during the holidays, but that gift will top any Christmas gift she’s ever gotten!

Share your proposal stories with us! We’ll be glad to learn about your beautiful love story.

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