3 Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Go Bowling:

Bowling is always a lot of fun, and it is definitely not just for kids. You get to play games while hanging with your friends. It creates a sense of community and allows for people to have conversations with each other, rather than trying to hear each other in a loud club. A great option is cosmic bowling, which starts around 10 pm. The bowling alley dims the lights, and adds strobe lighting, as well as opening up the bar so you can sip on something while sharpening up your bowling skills, and mingling with friends.

Go Dancing:

For those who love to dance and just have fun, this is a great birthday celebration idea. Put on your dancing shoes, grab your girls, and head out to your favorite ballroom dancing spot! Some places also have dance instructors, who come in to teach a class before they open the dance floor for the evening, so if you don’t know how to dance that well, you can get comfortable before you’re all on your own on the dance floor.

Go Glamping:

For those who haven’t heard of this, glamping is like camping, that is “glammed up”. Straight up, traditional camping in a tent is not for everyone. The bugs, no electricity, and a sleeping bag, does not sound all that appealing to some. So, glamping is a way for you to enjoy the wildlife, while bringing a piece of comfort with you too. Instead of tents, you’ll have a cabin, housed with beds, food, and get this, electricity! Now, glamping with a crew of your friends doesn’t sound so bad.


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Sweet 16 Cake Ideas

You’re in a dilemma. You have your Sweet 16 birthday party coming up sooner than you know, and you have to plan everything out. From the the DJ, to the venue, to the cake. You don’t know where to start, which can be pretty overwhelming. Thankfully, there are apps out there like Styckie that can help you plan your party on the go, all from your phone. So let’s keep it simple and start with the cake. You’re going to need a pretty epic one to first off, impress all your friends, and second off, satisfy your cravings too. We’ve compiled a lovely list of Sweet 16 cakes that you can get for your party, based on your theme or your interests.


Sally Sells Sea Shells

This cake is simple in appearance, but has so much to offer. This design is for the girl who lives her life by the beach or near water. With the macaroons, and the hard candies shaped like sea shells, this cake creates a beachy, surfer vibe that instantly attracts your attention.


Starbucks Lover

This cake will make all the Ugg wearing, Starbucks coffee drinking girls go crazy. It instantly stands out with cupcakes that imitate hazelnut frappucinno. This is a Sweet 16 cake that you and all your friends will want a bite (or sip) of.


Gluttonous Paradise

Now this is a cake that you’ve probably never seen before. I like to call this one, a food lover’s dream. Every type of food you could imagine in one cake. The crazy part is that this cake doesn’t look like a cake at all, but cut open into it and you’ll be met by a vanilla cake interior. Just be prepared for some heavily confused stares – everyone is going to want to get their hands on this one.


The Bookworm

For all the book lovers out there, this one is for you. It’s a very clever cake that features three stacked books. A creative option would be to add titles to the books that feature the birthday your name, which will definitely make the bookworm in you warm with joy.


Floral Princess

The princess has arrived! This cake is for the girly girls who just can’t get enough of their flower obsession. This beautiful cake is light, elegant, and features floral decor on the bottom and top tiers. It gives off an airy and delicate vibe, which will be perfect for the lovely, 16 year-to-be princesses out there.

Hope this helped you all! Now go get to creating your birthday cake masterpieces!

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Top 5 Venues in DC for A Sweet 16 or 18 Birthday Celebration

It is important to celebrate the milestones in life, and birthdays are amazing moments that should always be commemorated, no matter if it’s in a small, or big way. We all have cakes, balloons, good food and guests on our birthday checklist. But, when it comes to birthdays, it’s important to find a venue that suites your needs, and we’ve enlisted our top 5 spots for a birthday celebration right here in D.C.

Kabin Lounge

This venue is located in the bustling Dupont Circle. It’s luxurious vibe is perfect for the sophisticated 18 year old. Deriving inspiration from the Alpine culture, this “3,200- square foot space showcases a lush and unique modern-day Aspen cabin ambience”, complete with superior quality sound system, and 14 cozy VIP tables. When you rent out the lounge it can fit up to 252 guests, so your 18 year old can dance the night away with all his or her friends.


Blind Whino Arts Club

This space is definitely for the artsy individual. Housed in the historic Friendship Baptist Church, built in 1886, it is a community-based arts programming facility that doubles as an event space. The biggest thing that sticks out about this venue is the creative use of art and expression drawn and painted all over the inside and outside of the venue. With bright pinks, greens and blues painted into geometric shapes on the outside and trance-like colors on the interior, this venue is a must see.


9:30 Club

This venue is for the music lovers who just want to see a concert on their bday and dance with their friends. This two-story space is visited by well-known musicians, who put on a great show. The 9:30 Club has been named the # 1 nightclub by Rolling Stone, Billboard and Pollstar, more than any other club in the nation, and it’s the most attended club of its size in the world.


Lucky Strike

A posh bowling alley located in the heart of D.C’s Chinatown. Located right next to the Verizon Center, this space has a lot to offer, especially with the high amount of foot traffic. This is a fun venue for 16 year olds who want to listen to music, play games, and eat some good food with their friends.


The Living Room

This space is high-end, modern and spacious. At 5635 square ft, this venue is perfect for a big sweet 16 or 18th birthday party. The club which opened in 2016 is literally designed like a living room, a much bigger, expensive and hip living room than yours. The lounge can accommodate catering vendors, and house innovative moveable walls to create a variety of room layouts.

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