The Top 5 Best Desserts To Make For Thanksgiving 2017

Food. We all love it, especially around Thanksgiving time. It can be pretty hard to decide what food to cook for your family on Thanksgiving, especially when it comes to desserts. But, we’ll help you out with this one, ’cause here at Styckie, we all have one big sweet tooth, some might say we’re dessert connoisseurs. These are our top 5 best desserts to make for Thanksgiving day!


Dessert #1 

Pumpkin Pie

Fall is all about pumpkins. We buy pumpkins, we carve pumpkins, and we eat them, of course. That’s why pumpkin pie has made number 1 on our list. You can serve this pie with some vanilla ice-cream and a warm apple cider. You can find the recipe by the ultimate bake queen, Paula Deen, right here.


Dessert #2

Apple Pie

Apple picking is a common occurrence in fall, so is making pie, which is why apple pie makes number 2 on our list. Apple pies are warm and full of cinnamon goodness, which reminds me so much of grandma’s house. Maybe that’s just me, but there’s nothing like a perfectly crusted, seasoned apple pie. Food Network has a great recipe by Sandi Anderson for an apple pie, almost as good as grandma’s.


Dessert #3

Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie always speaks for itself. It’s tasty and to the point, but only when it’s baked correctly. Pecan pie is served best with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. You can find the recipe here to learn how to bake the best pecan pie; just be sure not to finish the whole thing.


Dessert #4

Apple Crisp

This is a variation of an apple pie. It’s an easier version that is just as good as the OG. A lot of people rave about this recipe, and incorporate their own twists on the recipe (for example, using different types of apples). The apple crisp is definitely a pie you can make when you’re relatively short on time.


Dessert #5 

Cranberry-Pear Lattice pie

This is one recipe you can follow when you really want to get fancy. We saw this dessert and instantly fell in love because it is perfect for Thanksgiving, since cranberry sauce is all-the-rage during this time of year. We found the perfect recipe for you right here. Enjoy 😉

Well, that’s our top 5 list for the best desserts for Thanksgiving! Let us know in the comments how your desserts turn out, or if you need help deciding which one you should make for your family (I suggest all 5). Enjoy!

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