Wedding Wednesday: Up-do Hairstyles For Your Wedding

Finding the right hairstyles for your wedding can be a frustrating and overwhelming task. You want to find what looks the best, and what will make you look like absolute perfection on your wedding day. We get it. It’s your day, so it is pretty much absolutely necessary that you feel and look your best. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to ideas, we’ve rounded up some up-do’s that many brides look absolutely flawless in. Have a look for yourself!

Put a flower in it:

Flowers are pretty much a given at any wedding. So, it’s not too surprising that some brides like to put flowers in their hair on their wedding day. Pinning up your curled hair into a loose bun and adding a simple flower to one side with bangs, is a look that is so pretty and goddess-like.

Half-Way There:

This look is a half up, half down style that has been around for ages. It pretty much gives you the best of both worlds. It is a way to have your hair down, while also keeping it out of your face throughout your wedding ceremony/reception.

French Braid It Up:

There is something about a loose french braid in your hair that gives off an ethereal and elegant vibration. This look features curled pinned-up hair, and loose fringes, that somehow look effortless.

These are just a few core styles that you can create multiple looks and ideas from. You can find wedding hairstylists for your big day through You will get matched instantly with professional hairstylists that suit your needs!

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