Destination Experiences and a Wedding



Photo by My Wedding in Los Cabos.

This summer’s hottest new trend is embracing the culture! Have you decided on having a destination wedding? You and your guests can submerge into the language, music, food, and culture. Where you’re going down south or across the pond, these destinations won’t disappoint.

Talloires, France

This beautiful photograph taken by the amazing Lisa Renault.

Enjoy the beautiful views of the countryside in Talloires, France while saying “I do.” Talloires is situated in Eastern France on Lake Annecy in a quiet little town with mountainous landscapes – the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Dive right into the history and culture with the medieval architecture and the charming character. Not French? That’s ok. Have your ceremony spoken in French. French is a romantic language; perfect for a wedding. Serve French food at your reception while you sip on sophisticated French wine. Whether you walk down the aisle to a live musician playing classical French music or dance all night to pop French artists, your guests are sure to enjoy the submersion into a new culture. Regardless if you go in the summer or winter, Talloires will not disappoint.

San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

Ana & Jermone Photography are extremely talent and took this gorgeous photo.


This is the perfect place for a wedding destination with its fresh water beach views in southern Baja. With the beautiful foliage of your jaw dropping background, this tropical setting will be perfect for you and your guests. You can embrace this wonderful culture by diving right into their upscale classics like tacos and guac. Enjoy the freshest Pacific seafood and Mexico’s extensive wine list. Adding a live band to your ceremony or have them play during your reception; will surely get you in the dancing mood. Learn some Spanish while you’re there and touring the historical colonial buildings. San Jose del Cabo is home to a nature reserve with many bird species; so much to do, so little time.

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Wedding Wednesday: The Best Wedding Venues in DC 2018

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Last week we talked about wedding dresses and which dress best suits your personality. Today we’re talking all about venues. The venue is arguably the most important part of the wedding, because honestly without it, there would be no wedding. It is imperative to find a venue that is within your budget, and suits all of your wedding needs. As you know we love to compile epic lists for you all, so you can bet that we got you covered on this topic too. These are pretty well known DC wedding venues that are known to provide great service, and rank in high reviews. We’ve ranked them by affordability and what they offer as a venue.

The Mansion on O Street

If you’re looking for an antique renaissance look, the Mansion on O Street is the perfect place for your wedding. With an average budget of $5,500 for a wedding of 100 guests, this venue is definitely one to check out. You can bring in your own caterers and bartenders or use the staff provided by the venue.


The Loft at 600 F

This beautiful, industrial-inspired venue, is estimated to cost between $9,992 – $14,722 for a ceremony and reception for 100 guests. Located in the Chinatown/Penn Quarter neighborhood, it is a great venue for those who want to add hints of the city into their wedding space.



The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons is a classic wedding venue that weighs on the more expensive side. With a cost of $190 per guest, you can expect to pay around $19,000 for a wedding of 100 guests. But with that hefty price tag comes a lot of nice perks and included elements, like a full wedding team to assist with your wedding plans, butler-passed hors d’oeuvres, three course dinner menu with wine service, one-night stay for the newlyweds in a suite and much more. So this is a good option for those who don’t want to have to deal with all the planning; you simply have the venue handle everything.


The Ritz Carlton 

This venue is estimated to be between the cost of $28,343 – $34,194 for a ceremony and reception for 100 guests. Catering and alcohol is provided by the venue, but can also be outsourced. The venue allows 5 hours of evening event time and 4 hours of daytime event time excluding set up and clean up time.




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Top 5 Locations for A Winter Honeymoon in 2018

Love. Something that we all want and look for as we go through this thing called life. And when we’re lucky enough to find love, and that person to spend the rest of our lives with, we need to cherish those moments. Weddings are a way to share your love between you and your future life partner, with those that are close to you but, honeymoons are saved for just the two of you. No distractions, no interruptions. So it is important to find a honeymoon location that you can forget all the extra, and just be present and in the moment with each other. Now that the winter months are upon us, finding a winter honeymoon spot can be difficult but we’ve got you covered. Here is our top 5 locations for honeymoons in January 2018.

Phuket, Thailand

January is said to be one of the best times to visit Phuket. The weather around this time of year is nothing short of perfect. You can spend your time exploring and feasting your eyes on the astounding mountainous views and caves.

Aspen, Colorado

For those who are fans of cold weather, a trip to the mountains would a great romantic getaway. The area offers skiing, snowboarding, and posh cabin lodging you can snuggle up in.


Belize is the perfect winter escape, with amazingly beautiful beaches, and tropical, jungly highlands, it’s a must see for those who want a Caribbean vacation.


Nicaragua has so much beauty to offer, with tropical rainforests, volcanoes, palm trees, and untouched beaches. It’s a great spot for relaxation, and also has an abundant amount of culture to explore as well.

Rio De Janeiro

Brazil is beauty at its finest. From the beautiful beaches you want to lay on all day, to the beautiful people. Brazil is a definite honeymoon option for you and your beau.

Watch the video HERE.

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The many hats and titles of a Wedding Arranger

Photo courtesy of Austin Wedding Blog
Photo courtesy of Austin Wedding Blog

When you start thinking of all of your event vendors, their roles are pretty simple. You will need a photographer, a caterer, a makeup artist, decor, florals, maybe even transportation and a photo booth. Some interchangeable decisions you need to make are if you want a band or a DJ? Videographer or cinematographer? Perhaps the biggest challenge and decision is if you need a wedding planner. This may be a decision based on budget or how much hands-on help you need. With so many titles and roles a planner plays, you can be sure you’ve selected the right match, after reading the descriptions below.

Wedding Planner

wedding planner is a is the one who produces and orchestrates the entire event from beginning to end – a professional who assists with the planning, design, and management of a client’s wedding. Because of a number of vendors, guest count, logistics, and details, most couples are willing to spend a considerable amount of money to ensure the wedding is well organized and managed.

Some of the many responsibilities for a full-service planner are to source and negotiate with your vendors, to communicate with them on expectations and logistics, working with the family and bridal party meltdowns (yes, let’s be real – this happens), sets up the day of timeline for the dream team, works with a realistic budget to keep you on track, assists with venue selections, stationery, menus, and so much more.

Wedding Coordinator 

A wedding coordinator executes the event after the all the details have been planned by the couple. Typically the coordinator starts one month of the event to take over the communication with the vendors, finalize last minute details, set up the day of timeline for the venue and vendors and executing a fabulous event! They are not there to negotiate any terms after the contract has been signed, so do be mindful of this.

Some venues have an on-site coordinator that is included in your contract. This person is very resourceful and helpful to be an additional person on your coordinator’s team, however, this doesn’t mean they are dealing with any vendors outside of the hotel contract. They won’t call the baker if they are late or track down your linens if they didn’t arrive. But because they can get in the kitchen to oversee the caterers, you can rest assured that they are making sure everything is replenished, the guests are comfortable, the flatware, glassware, and your china are clean and replaced.

If your budget does not allow for a full-service planner or you have the time and resources to plan your own dream wedding, please still consider a day of coordinator. The last thing you want is a family member stepping in to assist when they want to be guests or you wondering why the right cake topper isn’t on the cake while you are cutting it!

Aside from these titles, there are wedding producers, wedding designers, wedding consultants, wedding arrangers (which goes hand in hand with planners) – be sure to follow us and read about them on our upcoming blogs

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How to Hire the Best Wedding Planner




The question was asked and the answer was YES! Everything you have envisioned since childhood is beginning to flash before your eyes. Your fairytale wedding will be unfolded for your family and friends to see in no time. Maybe you have too many ideas that need to cohesively fit, maybe you planned everything online, but need the ideas to be executed or maybe you need someone to just pull the ideas out of your brain and create your vision from beginning to end.

This is when you need a wedding planner to step in, but not just any planner, the BEST wedding planner! Here are a few important factors to look out for selecting the right team.


I always say you are married to the planner before the couple is married to each other. It’s not just liking the person or what they do. Planning a wedding with someone so closely intimate and saturated with the details, stress, and finances, go way beyond the planning process – they are your therapist, friend, confidant, advocate, and advisor (among other things) so you must trust them.

  • Do they have the patience to deal with the family (or drama) that may deter some ideas?
  • Can you see yourself, your partner and families spending time with them?
  • Do they understand your vision?

Services Offered 

There are so many titles when it comes to a wedding planner. Make sure you know what fits your needs and budget

  • A full-service planner will find your venue, vendors, keep you on track with the budget and checklist and coordinate your event, plus a hundred other things
  • A day of the coordinator may start the month before or the week of your big day. Although these tend to be more cost effective, confirm the deliverables and expectations so you are on the same page from the very beginning.

Past Events/Clients

There’s no greater compliment than a referral from a past client. Whether you see them in action at an event or ask your friends, it’s still a good idea to get some additional information from them.

  • Have they done an event at the venue before?
  • If they work with the same vendors, do they pass on those discounts to you?


In order to ensure your big day runs smoothly, your notes, details, verification calls, and timelines need to be flawless. Communication is KEY in setting you up as you get to the big month, even the week of. You shouldn’t be scrambling for details the week of your wedding, when you should be relaxing and getting pampered.

  • The expectation of them being accessible 24/7 is not practical or realistic, however, do they make you feel like a priority?
  • How many events are they working on in the same month as yours and how big is their team?
  • How many times will you meet or talk to the planner or team?

Plan B

We never want to think about the what ifs, but we need to be prepared for it, regardless.

  • If the planner has an emergency, what is the backup?
  • If there is rain for an outdoor wedding, have you gone into detail about specific plans?


There are so many other factors in selecting the best wedding planner, too many to list here so stay tuned for more details as the summer wedding season continues. Find the BEST wedding planners on Styckie – we will help you plan the perfect event!

Preeti Vasudeva

Vendor & Content Manager – Styckie

Special Events Planner – Preeti Exclusive Events

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