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The Madness has begun!

The Madness has begun!
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Photo by: Lara Sedlock

Are you ready for some…oh wait, wrong sport. It’s March Madness time, fellow hoopers! Follow your busted brackets, upsets and sport your team colors for your slam dunk party.

Divisional Menu

Pick your favorite comfort food from each region

East – Lobster rolls, pretzels, Reuben sandwiches, clam chowder, Maryland crab cakes
West – Briskets, salmon steaks, tex mex, pulled pork
MidWest – Deep dish pizza, chili, kielbasa/sausage/hot dogs, steaks
South – Cobblers, Po Boy’s, cornbread, shrimp and grits, anything BBQ

Photo courtesy of: Just Julieann


Make a Basketball Bingo sheet to play during halftime using this template or add in some of these fun words:

Free throw
Point Guard
Air Ball
Free Throw
Three Point
Jump Shot

More Ideas

Pintrest by ChickaBug



The schedule

First Four: Tuesday, March 15 and Wednesday, March 16

First Weekend: Thursday, March 17, Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20

Sweet Sixteen/Elite Eight: Thursday, March 24; Saturday, March 26; Friday, March 25; and Sunday, March 27

Final Four: Saturday, April 2 and Monday, April 4

Enjoy responsibly!

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