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Making an Impact With Your Wedding Decorations

Making an Impact With Your Wedding Decorations
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Spice up Your Wedding Decorations

Depending on your wedding venue and the restrictions in your contract you may be able to spice up your venue with these simple wedding decorations. Quick note – make sure to read over that contract before signing! You can save on décor while still creating a beautiful, romantic space for your ceremony or reception. Many venues will not be okay with you altering or damaging the walls with glue, sticky, or nails. But there are easy ways to add some flair to your space and still get your deposit back.

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Adding Wedding Decor Elegance

You may be looking to minimalize your space or add a personal touch to your celebration. Draping the ceilings with fabric can add that amazing touch that you’re looking for. It is a formal and elegant way to add a fun vibe to your space. You can match the fabric to your table decor to bring the whole look together.

DIY Wedding Escort Cards

Many couples choose to DIY their escort cards for their reception. The escort cards will display the names and the table seating arrangements for your guests. We highly suggest that escort cards are easy to read and take. We have seen time and time again, cute displays that are impractical. The text is too small, the names are not in alphabetical order, or the cards are difficult to remove from the display, cause a traffic jam of guests in front of the display. With that huge group of people looking for their card, no one will be admiring your DIY efforts.

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Sophisticated Cocktail Hour

At your cocktail hour instead of having standing tables, add some sofas or lounge chairs. Your guests will be more comfortable and the look will be unique to your personal style. You can add some decorative pillows to bring to create a complete, comfortable, yet sophisticated look. Don’t be afraid to use festive colors and light patterns.

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Chalk It Up

Make chalkboard signage as a way to incorporate cute quotes or direct guests if their wedding will be held in multiple locations. This also is a great opportunity to inform your guests of the timeline of the day or where each event will be happening. Chalkboard signage can be small or big, depending on the purpose.

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Romantic Lighting For Your Wedding Decorations

Instead of using huge flower arrangements for your centerpieces many couples are opting to use table lamps instead. This can add to a romantic feel in your reception space. Small flowers or greenery can be used to hide the cords. Just make sure you guests can see across the table to socialize.

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Impress Your Wedding Guests

As you can see, simple, yet impactful décor can impress your guests and set a tone for your wedding. These ideas don’t need to break the bank. Whether to DIY or shop around for a good deal, we are sure you’ll be glad you did – those wedding pictures last a life time!

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