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Wedding Flower Basket Ideas

Wedding Flower Basket Ideas
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braggingbags on Etsy


The Princess of Petals has a very important job at a wedding. She either artfully places the petals on the runner, letting the guests know that the bride is arriving or she steals the show with her cuteness (and maybe a tantrum). Below are some alternative ideas to a basket or a twist on the traditional style.

A rustic basket like this with the couple’s initials, make a great keepsake for the flower girl or the couple’s new home


Photo: BraggingBags on Etsy


Abra Cadabra down the aisle with this whimsical wand. This is ideal for the littlest of flower girls – just have your cameras ready for some big smiles!


Photo: Peony Florist, UK


The perfect keepsake for the princess is her name on the basket. This rustic one is perfect for the theme, but you can have a bling name on a satin basket or a tag hanging off of a pail


Photo: Woodlandedges on Etsy


Up, Up and Away with this oversized balloon – perfect to keep the princess distracted


via Pinterest


This basket is TUTU cute!! You can even customize this to match your flower girls dress


Photo: SolBijou on Etsy


Whichever basket or idea you pick, I am sure the reaction from your family and friends will be priceless.


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