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What do these 5 engagement rings say about your personality?

What do these 5 engagement rings say about your personality?
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Before you start pinning every single ring that you love (to drop that hint) read what your personality says about these gorgeous cuts!

Heart Shape

Pinned from BRIDES

The ring that symbolizes lasting love is given to a devoted, sentimental and romantic person. Be sure to try this with a band to avoid any last minute disappointments.

Round Cut

Pinned from Elegant Wedding Invites

The most classic of all cuts is the round shape. This shows you are laid back, traditional and honest. Any band from a delicate wire to a full diamond band adds to the sparkle.

Princess Cut

Pinned from Elegant Wedding Invites

The second most popular cut is a rectangle with pointed corners. Ladies that wear this are said to be intelligent, fun loving and spontaneous.

Cushion Cut

Pinned from How He Asked

A vintage, yet modern cut is the cushion cut with rounded corners and larger facets. You’re an adventurous, team player who is very dependable.

Pear Cut

Pinned from Brilliant Earth


If you have a wider finger, this teardrop shape can make your finger look slimmer. A calm, adaptable and modest women adores this style the most.


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