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What to Look for when Hiring a Newborn Photographer

What to Look for when Hiring a Newborn Photographer
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Congrats on your newborn! With sleepless nights and anxious daily decision making, you want to enjoy your baby’s photo shoot.

Here are some tips on what to look for when hiring a newborn photographer.


Does the photographer give you options from past shoots? Do they present new ones? Are they open to your vision and ideas?


Ask for references from past clients to gauge how much patience your photographer has with sleeping, crying and whining babies. Do they know when the baby is over it? Do they know how to soothe the baby? How to make the baby smile?


Do they come with an assistant if one is needed? What would be the determining factor on if the assistant would come? Does this affect pricing?

Age Frame

See when the best time to have photographs taken are and what you want it for. Are the announcements that you want within weeks of their birth? If so, start planning before the baby arrives to ensure the photographer’s availability. Do you want this shoot to be with other siblings and families, if so, specify how many outfits/looks the newborn gets solo and how many looks you want as a family portrait


Do you need to travel to their studio or can they come to your home? This is always easiest for fussy babies and parents can feel at ease being in their own space. Does this affect pricing?


Whether you are at their studio or they are in their home, your photographer should have insurance working with a newborn. Ensure they have it before booking them

Time Frame

Anticipate your baby’s nursing schedule by asking how long the shoot will take. Typically a shoot runs for 3 hours with various looks and styles


How will you get those precious pictures and when? USB or printables? Do they order the cards or just give you the digital files? Does this affect pricing?

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Have so much fun on your shoot!!

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