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What to look for when hiring the right DJ

What to look for when hiring the right DJ
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Hey DJ, keep playing that song! DJ’s are the foundation of a great party, regardless of what you are celebrating. With so many different styles and budgets, it can be a challenge to hire the right DJ for you.

Whether you are looking for a wedding DJ, a corporate event DJ, a DJ for your birthday or anniversary, a mitzvah DJ or any social event DJ, read these tips below on what to look for when hiring a DJ.

Referrals and reviews to hire the right DJ

Even if you have seen your DJ rock out at a party, you still want to ask for referrals. Ask the host if they were easy to work with, how flexible they were and how much of what you requested was executed? See if the DJ has a SoundCloud or mix online that you can listen to. Don’t just judge an event by how packed the dance floor was. A bonus would be if that company or DJ has already worked with the venue you are having your event at.

Beyond the music

It may not seem like an important question, but one to ask is about an MC. Are you looking for an MC that makes announcements or a hype person that gets in the middle of the dance floor?  Depending on your event, you may or may not need that kind of energy. Someone making somber announcements at a Mitzvah or someone shouting ‘get your hands up’ every 5 seconds at a corporate event, isn’t a match for the celebration. A party motivator may be the best fit for a really energetic dance floor.

Lighting is everything

MODWedding lighting

If your decor budget may not be very high, consider lighting to offset that cost. Textured patterns on the dance floor or walls can add dimension to a room. Uplights in soft or bold colors can take away from the attention of minimal centerpieces. Conversely, if you do want to bring attention to centerpieces, you may want to consider pin spotting. Bringing attention to your faces while you sit on the stage, would require a stage wash with lekos.

Sound On

Most companies supply the basic speakers and subwoofers. However, depending on your guest count, you may require more sound throughout the room. Make sure your DJ connects with the venue to work out additional power requirements and also if there is a decibel maximum the venue has.

Selection of Songs

Does the company you are vetting have 1 DJ or more? Do you get to pick which one? Do they have the genre of songs you are looking for? They should be able to know your style based on a play and a do not play list you provide. Most DJ’s do not want attendees requesting songs, so you want to get the best list over to them.

Visual Entertainment

Are you having a slideshow or a same day edit playing? Do you want TV’s or projection s screens? How about a video wall with actual videos playing of the songs playing? Before asking the AV company at the venue, see if your DJ offers these. Chances are, they will be more cost effective.

End with basics

Besides asking if they have insurance, ask how the equipment is transported. Is it in a van or a truck? Often times, when in a smaller vehicle, there is a high chance of damaged equipment that you end up seeing. Scratches on speakers, dents in trusses, etc. Is the team handling your event a part of the company or freelancers? Most freelancers may not hold the same professional expectations a company employee would.

If you are looking for a Wedding DJ in Washington DC, be sure to ask these questions and also ensure they are dressed professionally and arrive on time.

Mitzvah lighting by Synergetic Sound & Lighting

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