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Zero Waste Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Event

Zero Waste Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Event
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It’s only the second week of the year and SO much has been happening all over the world. Our industry is a fun and joyful one, but we can do our part by adding some sustainability into our events and weddings with these simple ideas. Every little bit helps!


A few ideas to consider for stationery are:

  1. A digital invite for a destination wedding that guests can view on their phone while at the resort
  2. A compostable invite that guests can plant after the event is completed
  3. A reuseable invite that doubles as a magnet, bottle opener or a mousepad
Etsy: GloriasGradenandTea


Crowd favorites are still photo booths; instant gratification from a fun night out, but consider the following options:

  1. Succulents or potted plants are a fun way to send guests off and have them remember you daily in their house.
  2. Favors can also be compostable and plantable like bookmarks or seedlings even tea bags!
  3. Recycle! Should you still want to give a gift, consider a gift with multiuse or one that can be recycled


All the rage in food display is trending, but have you considered the single plastic use and the impact it has on our environment? Some things to consider are:

  1. Paper straws for the adorable milk or specialty drink displays. Now we get it, they get soggy, but you don’t have to put them in until a guest opens it up
  2. Recycled paper cartons, bamboo cones or paper wraps can store finger food just as effectively as plastic glasses
  3. Glasses can not only look pretty for display but are easily washable
WTHR news story here


We all want gorgeous florals, but there are many ways to still have the look you want and still be sustainable

  1. There are many children’s and veteran hospitals, as well as nursing homes that would LOVE to have their room brightened up with your florals. Consider having someone pick up or drop off your florals after an event
  2. Pick florals that are in season so there is less fuel involved in flying those hydrangeas or roses from other countries
  3. Specialty linens are gorgeous, but the dry cleaning process can be taxing to the environment. Consider cotton or runners

Every little bit helps, but it starts with US!

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